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  • What makes a decision a good decision?
    At the time we decide something we can only do it with the information we have at that time. It is easy to look back and regret decisions. The reality is that at the time of the decision we didn't know all the details that we do when we look back at a decision.

    We need to speculate when we are about to take a decision, try to understand the future, what will happen when... what will happen if...

    The best we can do is to decide based on the information we have at the time and we should never regret that decision, maybe feel a bit sorry. :)

    For me the worst decision is the one that is not made, the ones that takes ages to make. Taking a decision requires courage, and I'm sure you know people around you that tries everything to not have to make one. At the end of the day not making a decision is the decision you made and you should still be accounted for that.

    So, to try to save yourself for making a wrong decision do one thing: DECIDE
  • Feed Working
    Yes, it looks like I managed to feed this blog into my website: www.miguelgigante.com

    I still have some things to sort out on my website but if I manage to pull this out I will be really happy. :)

    This way I will be able to post here in Blogger and and all my posts showing on my website as well.

    Again, I will keep you posted.
  • Hello Hello
    This is just my first blog. Well, not quite, I have been writing and posting stuff all around but will try to settle to this blog now. :)

    I'm trying to find an easy way for me to say what goes in my head without having to log in to various places, I should just worry about writing and the text should just feed from one place to the other so the maximum number of people can read the stuff I write. Assuming it is of any interest to most people. :)

    I will take this post as a test and if things work out I will keep writing. It is correct to say: "I will keep you posted". :)